BioTech Committee


The AmCham Abu Dhabi BioTech Committee will serve to establish a biotechnology sector in Abu Dhabi with a focus on promoting opportunities for U.S. biotechnology companies and their role in the biotechnology sector of the UAE.   


Our vision is to be a thought leader and facilitator for U.S. corporate interests and opportunities in the emerging biotechnology sector in Abu Dhabi and throughout the Middle East, bringing together government, investor, corporate, and academic stakeholders.


  • The committee will cater to the unique needs of this sector, which is differentiated from traditional brick-and-mortar industries by its fundamental basis in wet laboratory operations, research and development, capital-intensive requirements, and intellectual property (IP) considerations. 
  • The committee will work collaboratively with additional committees at AmCham Abu Dhabi (e.g., Technology & Innovation, Healthcare) and US & UAE stakeholders on topics of mutual interest. 


  • The committee will build and foster a membership with the active involvement of all members in shaping and planning the activities of the committee as well as engagement of non-member entities. 
  • The committee will encourage in-person participation and meetings, including quarterly in-formal member meetings in Abu Dhabi (with Zoom option) and active online engagement (e.g., an email chat group and shared drive). 
  • The committee will organize quarterly public in-person panel discussions on a variety of topics, including genomics, precision and personalized medicine, artificial intelligence, drug discovery, biologics, gene therapy, clinical trials, longevity, food technology, AgriTech, IP, Biotech IPOs, biotech investor discussions, and biotech real estate build, etc. The panel discussions will be held in Abu Dhabi, with possible roadshows to Dubai and additional destinations in the GCC and Middle East. 
  • The committee will explore relationships with other business chambers and biotechnology-related conferences in the GCC and other international councils and chambers with the goal of bringing together all stakeholders in the fledging sector.  

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Secondcell Bio
Intelligenix Advanced Diagnostics
Extend Biosciences
Halia Therapeutics
Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. (JLL)