Climate & Sustainability Committee

Shahira ElKady

Co-Chair, Climate & Sustainability Committee
AmCham Abu Dhabi  

Public Policy & Government Affairs Lead – Gulf

Purpose and Goals:


  • Demonstrate American business’ commitment to partner with the UAE government on meaningful climate action as COP 28 brings attention to the region in the next 18 months
  • Provide AmCham members information and engagement opportunities on climate with the backdrop of COP 27 and COP 28 in the region


  • Demonstrate American business’s partnership with the UAE government on climate action
  • Educate and engage AmCham members on meaningful climate action
  • Curate a robust conversation on climate action, innovation and impact
  • Expand AmCham partnership platforms and demonstrate leadership 


  • Focus on substantive dialogs with diverse leaders in the climate, energy and ESG spaces 
  • Create opportunities for engagement with the UAE government climate stakeholders and others 
  • Capitalize on the UAE COP 28 presidency period from late 2022 through 2024
  • Consider longer-term transition into an ESG focus after COP28 (2024+)

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Committee Events & Meetings