micro-SME Committee


To enable micro-SMEs to achieve growth through:

1) Growing the micro-SME community within AmCham Abu Dhabi 
2) Open lines of communication and collaboration with relevant Tier 1 member companies and Abu Dhabi entities to educate, promote, and support member micro-SMEs
3) Leveraging member Tier1 member companies and relevant Abu Dhabi entities to gain access for as of doing business with member micro-SMEs
4) To help member micro-SMEs get access to financing, customers, and support to grow their business and contribute to the Abu Dhabi business ecosystem

The Monthly micro-SME meeting is held the last Tuesday of each month, at 2pm; for members only.
If you are an AmCham Abu Dhabi member and would like to join, please email us at membership@amchamabudhabi.org

Please click the button below to connect with micro-SME Committee members via the dedicated group on AmCham Abu Dhabi digital platform.