AmCham Abu Dhabi 2022-2024 Strategic Pillars

Pillar 1: Members/Stakeholders Value (all members, sister chambers, key UAE decision-makers, business entities, trade unions & community contributors)

  • Build and maintain relationships with key UAE decision makers and stakeholders while
  • ensuring access to those entities
  • Support access to stakeholders for our members and their concerned entities
  • Promote brand names with all UAE opportunities
  • Develop and deliver high level engagements
  • Provide network opportunities through formal and informal events
  • Build, manage, and execute Speakers Bank
  • Maintain and leverage US/UAE Business Council relationship

Pillar 2: Business Sustainability

  • Promote, promulgate, and execute open and transparent policies, processes and procedures
  • Ensure AmCham staff/Board/Members interaction and connectivity
  • Engage members to drive membership growth through referrals and recruitment
  • Deliver engagements which offer value to members and attract potential members to attend and/or join AmCham Abu Dhabi
  • Expand collaborative efforts between committees, the CEO, and the Board
  • Ensure fiscal sustainability both internally and externally
  • Drive diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our efforts to include the staff, our members, events and our board
  • Leverage human capital to support our strategic, and operational objectives
  • Codify decisions of substance that require a Board of Directors decision.

Pillar 3: Advocacy/Goodwill

  • Support a “Free Trade Agreement” (FTA) and EPD through trade agreements
  • Champion US Government advocacy for any of our members
  • Supporting and/or catalyze relationships
  • Support Environmental Social Governance (ESG) goals/objectives by contributing to the sustainability and ethical impact of US companies investing or building in UAE
  • Support Corporate Social Governance (CSG) by contributing to the socially accountability of any business, its stakeholders, and the US/UAE public
  • Leverage our Community voice where applicable