Event Form and SOP

Event Form and SOP

This Event form must be filled out and submitted for approval to Kim Schofield, Chairperson and Chair of Programs and Events Committee, Liz Beneski, CEO and Shuhrat, Programs and Events Manager 60 days prior the event date for in-person events and 40 days prior for virtual events. We enact marketing 40 days prior to in person events, and 30 days prior to online events.

Other considerations:

  • In case complete event details as per the Event Brief (Annex 1) are not provided 40 days prior (for online/virtual events) and 60 days prior (for in-person / face-to-face events) the event date, the event will not be accepted by the Chair of Programs and Events Committee.
  • Failing to submit the Event Brief on-time, will either result in rescheduling / postponing or cancelling the event.
  • Consider the following factors before selecting an event date:
    • Check availability for your proposed date.
    • Check availability of the internal or external venue. Final venue decision remains the remit of the CEO, Liz Beneski.
    • Be aware of statutory and religious holidays.

Kim Schofield’s email address: md@evapinvestment.com
Shuhrat’s email address: programs@amchamabudhabi.org
Liz’s email address: liz@amchamabudhabi.org

You can suggest dates, but all dates are subject to confirmation of the CEO and placement on the master Event Calendar. It is HIGHLY suggested to propose your events before the end of each Quarter.

NO FORM, NO APPROVAL, NO EVENT. AmCham Abu Dhabi has Standard Operating Procedure.