Candidate for Member-At-Large 2024-2026

Rashed Alabbar

Gulf Strategic Engagements Director

Chair, Tech & Innovation Committee
AmCham Abu Dhabi

 Citizenship: UAE 
 Platinum Member 

Candidate’s Statement

To further AmCham Abu Dhabi’s mission, I propose three key initiatives: 

  1. Enhanced Member Engagement Programs: Develop targeted networking events, workshops, and forums to facilitate connections, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among members. 
  2. Strategic Public-Private Partnerships: Forge partnerships with government entities and private sector leaders to create business opportunities, influence policy, and advocate for a favorable business environment. 
  3. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Incubation: Launch a program to support startups and foster innovation, offering mentorship, networking, funding resources, and shared workspace facilities through partners and members. 

These initiatives will drive growth and strengthen our community. 

Candidate Questionnaire

Candidate’s Bio

Rashed is the Strategic Engagement Director at Oracle Cloud. He is currently leading strategic initiatives for government and key customers to partner in the areas of sustainability, digital transformation, employee upskilling programs.

He helps organizations to develop and deliver on their business goals through innovative solutions by working with technologists and designers.

Rashed is the Co-Chair of the AmCham Abu Dhabi’s Tech & Innovation Committee and supports the organization in its efforts to promote the sector in the UAE.

In previous roles, Rashed was a founding member for, and various other startups. Prior to that, Mr. Alabbar developed and lead Etisalat’s Data Center and Cloud business, that managed and marketed eSecurity, eHosting, Managed Services, and Business Cloud Services.

He was also the Vice President of Home Products and Consumer Product Innovation at Etisalat, UAE, which included Mobile Commerce & Digital Payments, Digital Advertising, Cloud Gaming, Consumer Cloud, and others.

He was the lead behind the launch and growth of Etisalat’s most innovative telecom products for UAE homes, such as eLife TV, Mobile Wallet, Smart Home, eLife Internet, and many more.

He has more than 30 years of experience in Innovation, Marketing, Commerce, and telecommunication industry and is currently working on some leading-edge programs in disrupting and transforming this digital era.