Candidate for Treasurer 2024-2026

Zaheer Anis, CPA

Partner for Tax Services 
Alliott Management Consulting

Vice-Chair, US-UAE Public Affairs Committee
AmCham Abu Dhabi

Citizenship: USA
Corporate Member

Candidate’s Statement

  • To keep AmCham Abu Dhabi as the premier business forum and first port of call for doing business with American companies, business professionals and entrepreneurs in Abu Dhabi and the UAE. 
  • Create a platform that allows for partnerships and relationships to grow which ultimately further the economic agenda of Abu Dhabi. 
  • Represent AmCham Abu Dhabi to US Policymakers and Institutions to showcase the achievements and potential of the US-UAE trade relationships. 

Candidate Questionnaire

Candidate’s Bio

Mr. Zaheer is a Partner at Alliott Management Consulting and responsible for overseeing a dedicated team that delivers value-driven assurance, advisory and tax services to multi-nationals and local groups across the UAE. 

Alliott Management Consulting (AMC) helps businesses with Management Consultation Services. AMC aim to guide the clients on how to solve issues, create value, maximize growth, and improve your business performance through the analysis of existing organizational problem and the development of plans for improvement. 

Mr. Zaheer has extensive experience in providing services to multi-national, private family groups, construction and contracting, energy and foreign branch offices. Through Alliott Management Consulting, this firm provides extensive services for UAE VAT and Corporate Tax compliance.

Mr. Zaheer is Deputy Chair of Alliott EMEA Advisory Board of Alliott Global Alliance providing counsel and representing interests of regional EMEA firms at Alliott Global Alliance (AGA). 

Prior to joining AMC, he was at the Trade office of the US Commercial Service at the US Consulate in Toronto. Mr. Zaheer is member of the Montana Society of Certified Public Accountants and holds a CPA and a Bachelor of Science from University of Toronto in Economics and Human Biology. 

Mr. Zaheer has known AmCham Abu Dhabi since being a junior member in 1996, and now is a Corporate member serving as the Vice-Chair of the AmCham Abu Dhabi’s U.S.-U.A. E Public Affairs Committee and a Member of Art, Culture, and Education Committee. He has participated in 3 Doorknock Advocacy campaigns to Washington DC on behalf of AmCham Abu Dhabi to advocate for policy matters that affect American expatriates and promote US-UAE business relations. He takes great enthusiasm in participating in AmCham Abu Dhabi’s activities, events and looks forward to contributing to the direction and progress of the Chamber. 

He endeavors to work as per the AmCham Abu Dhabi’s Constitution and ByLaws and serve AmCham Abu Dhabi to make it stronger. Further to strengthen the relations between US and UAE, and promote trade, commerce and investment between US and UAE.

Alliott Management Consulting  is a member of Alliott Global Alliance, a leading international alliance of independent, chartered accountants, corporate lawyers and business advisors. Ranked as the 6th largest multi-disciplinary alliance with more than 200 members from all over Europe, MENA, Latin America and Asia Pacific.