Dhia Hussain Bio

Dhia Hussain 

Canadian Business Council Abu Dhabi

Dhia Hussain is a proven professional leader with over 35 years of experience managing businesses in technical, project & change management in addition to ship building, strategic planning and knowledge management with certified credential in marine engineering, project management and organizational excellence from leading institutes across the world. Dhia Hussain understands the wider strategic environment while working on multi-million-dollar projects for world leading oil and gas companies such as ADNOC, ADNATCO, NGSCO and AMPTC. Dhia Hussain has prolific expertise and proven ability of working in critical positions such as General Manager, Strategic Planning and Knowledge Management Specialist, Technical Manager and converse with customer care and customer satisfaction while heading the client relations in reputable companies. Dhia Hussain is passionate about energy efficiency by promoting niche technologies, active in organizational excellence program in Abu Dhabi and Dubai through the role of team leader in SKEA, ADAEP, EFQM, external & internal business awards of various organizations as certified assessor, auditor in ISO 9001,14001, 18001 & 50001 in addition to community work with non-profit organizations. Dhia Hussain is previous member of various technical committees of major classification societies and current member of the Institute of Marine Engineers, Science & Technology and Chairperson of Canadian Business Council in Abu Dhabi. Dhia Hussain is a UK Bachelor graduate in Marine Engineering, Master’s in Project Management and Organizational Excellence.