Evacuation from Afghanistan by AMS Integrated Solutions

As has been well publicized, the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban and more so the swift fall of Kabul took most by surprise. AMS has been engaged in Afghanistan for over 2 decades supporting the Afghan people on various programs and projects, and have developed deep personal connections with the people they have worked and the population in general. 

Through their own Afghan employee base and the community at large, AMS processed and evacuated numerous civilians and former employees from Kabul. During this time AMS were inundated with pleas for support, one of these pleas was from Mr. Simer Mayo, a member of the Young Professional Organization (YPO) Arizona chapter who contacted his fellow YPO member and AMS CEO Andrew Robertson requesting support for the evacuation of 148 Afghan female students enrolled at the Asian University of Women (AUW) in Kabul. 

Following 4 days and nights of detailed and frantic coordination and planning  the students successfully made the harrowing trip using 7 busses. The group had to navigate 13 Taliban checkpoints set-up in and around Kabul city to get to Kabul International Airport. On speaking to Andrew Robertson, he reminded us of the drive and pride of the Afghan people from a personal point “The bravery and tenacity shown by these young women to escape the oppression of the Taliban was a most humbling experience, and one that I will always remember” he stated. 

All the 148 students have safely reached the United States of America and are ready to pursue their education, with some of them having already received financial scholarships at various universities across the US. This mission would have not been possible without the support of the US Marines, USG Support Team at HKIA, Department of State in the US, the YPO network and the AMS Team in Afghanistan.