Members Welcome Kit

Members Welcome Kit

“Congratulations, for being a part of an exclusive network of over 400+ professionals from various industries.”

On behalf of Our Board of Directors, Executive Staff, and myself Fatima El Hussein your Relationship Manager, we are so excited to have you on board and welcome to AmCham Abu Dhabi, the capital’s most dynamic business support organization.

We look forward to serving you and having successful collaborations in the coming year!

As a Corporate Member, you have access to a full range of services, which will help you expand your network, share your profile and grow your business, here are some of the benefits you are entitled to:

  • Two representatives as members of AmCham. Representatives can be updated free of charge if an employee leaves the company.
  • Facilitate Member to Member introductions.
  • 4x a year free marketing of any of your company’s announcments or events, and share Member news and information across the network.
  • Full access to AmCham Abu Dhabi’s App, and our digital membership directory which is only available for members.
  • Additional employees of your organization receive AED 500 off on individual membership.
  • Access to U.S. Business Visa Program.
  • Included in AmCham Abu Dhabi’s electronic mailing list.
  • Ability to join any of AmCham Abu Dhabi Committees, (except the Defense Committee which is subject to the Committee’s Chair approval).
  • Ability to email and message other members directly via the members only contact portal.
  • Avail member discounts from local vendors.
  • Full access to the AmCham MENA Database (, which includes all 12 AmChams in the region: Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar and Tunisia.
  • And much more!

Please click here to follow the detailed guide below on how to navigate your member portal and log into your AmCham Abu Dhabi account.

Once you log in, you’ll be able to access the exclusive, members-only resources listed above!

Important note: Save your AmCham Abu Dhabi’s new created account details, you will need it every time you login to AmCham website or app.

To help you get involved, here are a few upcoming events, attending our events is a great way to learn, meet other members, and have fun!

Want to be a member of a specific committee, email me at my email below, and I’d happily introduce you to that Committee’s Co-chairs.

In addition, we want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of all the membership benefits now available to you! So, remember to take advantage of your Member Discounts(Keep watching out throughout the year for our Anuual, Ramadan+Suhoor & Festive Season discounts).

Remember to whitelist our domain by saving our email address as a contact to avoid missing out on any important messages and exclusive content!

Scan the QR code below to join our official WhatsApp Business Account for members only.

Click here to follow a step by step tutorial on how to join our official WhatsApp Business Account.

Learn more about AmCham Abu Dhabi by visiting our website: AmCham Abu Dhabi, our social media channels and the AmCham Abu Dhabi Community:

Should you need any further assistance or have questions about your membership at any time, please feel free to contact me at:, I’d love to hear back from you.

Got everything you need? We still welcome you to reach out and let us know your thoughts on your experience so far!

Best of luck to you, I look forward to working with you and hope to see you at an event in the near future, and thank you for being a part of AmCham Abu Dhabi Community.


Fatima S. El Hussein
Head of Corporate Members Management & Communications