Healthcare Committee


To facilitate partnerships, share and exchange knowledge, and foster innovation between its diverse members.


Broaden the U.S. – U.A.E. relationships to realize the full potential of the Abu Dhabi healthcare sector.


  • Create balanced agendas to meet the needs to the committee’s diverse membership.
  • Promote networking events to bring members together.
  • Promote educational forums to highlight local, regional, and global healthcare priorities.
  • Identify collaborative opportunities with AmCham and Non-AmCham committees, business groups, or similar to enhance healthcare sector capabilities.
  • Be consistent and stay true to the committee’s mission and vision.
  • Refrain from bringing focus on personal or organizational-specific challenges.
  • Refrain from promoting personal or organizational agendas for commercial or political gains.
  • Refrain from breaching confidential information or discussions related to AmCham Abu Dhabi, Healthcare Committee, and/or members’ respective organizations.
  • Refrain from promoting political or religious ideologies, or discussions centered on ethics/ethical behavior.

For more information or if you are interested to join the Healthcare Committee, please contact:

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