Business Leadership Alliance

Courtney Sader

Business Leadership Alliance Committee
AmCham Abu Dhabi 

General Counsel, Raytheon Emirates Ltd.
General Counsel, Raytheon Saudi Arabia

Christina Struller

Business Leadership Alliance Committee
AmCham Abu Dhabi 

Vice President of Public Affairs

Rima Maalouf

Business Leadership Alliance Committee
AmCham Abu Dhabi 

Head of Corporate Affairs
 Middle East, North Africa, Russia & CIS

Blerina Abrazhda

Business Leadership Alliance Committee
AmCham Abu Dhabi 

Regional Head for Middle East Business Development & Strategy
Lockheed Martin Global Inc.

AmCham Abu Dhabi Business Leadership Alliance

Vision: Creating equal opportunities and inclusive ecosystems for women to reach their full potential.

Mission: Harness the power of our diverse community to enhance knowledge, support aspirations, and promote opportunities for women in business.

Purpose and Goals:

Equity: Raise awareness and develop a sense of understanding on diversity, equity and inclusion by offering resources, support and a space to connect.

Opportunities: To provide growth opportunities within the alliance, through mentorships, networking, knowledge sharing events, and other opportunities for professional and personal development .

Network: Encourage AmCham member companies to strengthen the role of women by attracting, developing, and progressing women to high leadership levels.

The Business Leadership Alliance Committee (BLA) helps to facilitate leadership through knowledge sharing, committee initiatives and networking. BLA aims to provide an opportunity for women to develop and refine their skills, and to participate in a rich business network through which they can grow professionally. BLA serves the female members of AmCham Abu Dhabi, and also reaches out to external women business groups of Emirati and other nationalities. We welcome partnerships with other entities, and encourage women business groups to reach out to us, so that we may develop links among our members.

For more information or if you are interested to join the Business Leadership Alliance Committee, please contact:

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