Roundtables Committee

Kim Schofield

Chair, Roundtables Committee
AmCham Abu Dhabi  

AmCham Abu Dhabi
Managing Director
EVAP Investment LLC

The Roundtables Committee hosts each year, the AmCham Abu Dhabi Roundtable Summit, which brings together business and government leaders from across Abu Dhabi’s commercial spectrum to candidly discuss business opportunities and challenges in Abu Dhabi and identify key concerns and issues for those doing business in the Emirate. Through this dialogue, the delegates are able to identify specific business practices, laws, and government policies that can realistically be improved in order to further the goals of increasing foreign direct investment in the UAE, enhancing UAE-US commercial relations, and ultimately assisting the Emirate in achieving the ambitious development plans set forth in The Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. Following the Roundtable Summit, a written report is prepared and shared with government, business, and academic leaders from the US and UAE, including those involved in the US-UAE Economic Policy Dialogue.

The Roundtables Committee would like to thank all our sponsors.

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