Travel and Trade Committee

Mission and Values:

Mission Statement: 

Our vision as a tourist industry sector board within AmCham Abu Dhabi is to collectively work as a team, engage with AmCham Abu Dhabi members and partners, and offer our knowledge and expertise within the tourism sector to support growth and provide opportunities for the next generation of tourism leaders.


We as hospitality professionals understand the importance of social responsibility within our sector and would like to share these practices with the AmCham Abu Dhabi and greater community.

The Committee plans to drive innovation within the sector by actively promoting AmCham Abu Dhabi within our extensive business network in an effort to grow AmCham Abu Dhabi memberships, and to promote AmCham Abu Dhabi’s mission and values, and to raise awareness of AmCham’s Mission. 

We will dedicate our time to supporting AmCham Abu Dhabi and sharing business opportunities where possible within our field of expertise to promote cultural awareness. 

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Committee Events & Meetings