Shereen Tawfiq Bio

Shereen Tawfiq

Founder and CEO

Shereen Tawfiq is former corporate/investment banker and the 1st Saudi female to graduate with an MBA from Wharton. Tawfiq was also one of the first women to work in the banking sector in Saudi Arabia. In 2015, she was appointed as an advisor to the Saudi Arabia Ministry for Economy and Planning where she played a part in the early phases of the entrepreneurial and venture capital culture within the Kingdom. 

Shereen’s passion is to empower women entrepreneurs through practical, out of the box financial educational settings. She is the founder and CEO of Balinca, a finance training company that teaches business fundamentals through games and simulations. Balinca strives to transform organizations through improving employees’ decision making by understanding the numbers behind the business. Balinca is delivered in 28 countries, 15 languages, across 61 companies globally, with over 2,800+ alumni.